Daisy my love… thank you my love…


Instead of the Elmo pinata that I wished for, here’s what I got from my husband for my birthday!!!

For some reason these wild daisies are not available where we live in the US… I guess, since you can pick them up for free, they don’t care to sell them?? Shame on them!!

I have always been in love with them, and this was also my husband’s first birthday gift when we started dating… it was a great surprise, and we filled 4 vases with it!!! the next time I am planning to ask him for a flower bucket to go along with it…

Hugs and happy spring… g.

Efendim dogumgunumde paralamak icin istedigim “Elmo pinata” yerine kocamdan bu papatyalari aldim… Amerika’da yasadigimiz bolgede bu papatyalar satilmiyor… Klasik Amerikan pazarlama yontemlerine ters dusuyor sanirim. Sonucta, kirdan cayirdan bedavadan toplanabilecek seyi satma geregi duymuyorlar sanirim…

10 yil once ilk cikmaya basladigimizda da, koca bir demet (demet demek iltifat olur, balya diyelim) papatya almisti bana… 4 tane vazo bile almadi papatyalarimi… onca yil sonra tekrar koca bir papatya demeti almak cok hosuma gitti acikcasi… tesekkur canim…

Sevgiler… baharin tadini cikarin… g.


2 responses to “Daisy my love… thank you my love…

  1. Gina,
    What beautiful flowers! Daisies are also my favorite bouquet flower and I prefer them over roses( I prefer other things to diamonds, too)!
    I bet they smell swunderful, smarvelous….

  2. same here Lisa… I also prefer daisies over roses everytime…

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