“Piece of cake” Cake, and not-so-piece-of-cake hat!!!

Koolhaas Hat for my cool brother-in-law… He is one of those man with big head, and a full head of hair… Correction: He has thick hair, that is a hair short of becoming a huge afro… he actually got a haircut before I took on the “hat” project… the hats on the market are too small for him and just look too funny for his cool looks…
I will try to convince him to pose for me with his new Persol sunglasses and this hat. Until then, here’s the hat-only version.

Koolhaas Hat, by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cascade Superwash
Needle size: 6 US
Cast on 128 stitches

I had to make this hat twice… The yarn that I used is much lighter than the original pattern. So my needle size is also smaller… I like my stitches tighter especially on a hat… Even though I made the first hat with 112 stitches, it was too small for him… And I have to say it was perfect for me :)… but I still frogged it, and remade him a new one… It is a 2 day project for the experienced knitter and for me it was about a 1 week project since I made two of them. It also took me a while to get used to the “koolhaas” lattice pattern. It is again a perfect design and well written pattern by Jared, that is so nice for men… This pattern was published for women, but it’s such a great fit for men like most of his projects. I am so glad he is out there designing, I can finally knit things for the men in my family following a pattern…

Whenever, you are stuck with a “problem” project… and don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is just no problem with the actual project or pattern, but it just goes slow, or wrong, or just doesn’t work… I suggest making something easy that you don’t have to worry about… It is even better if it comes in the form of sugar…


Here’s the “piece of cake” cake from my friend Cindy… This cake or cookie/tart heaven was a hit at the Thanksgiving dinner she hosted this year. She made this a few times and brought it over. I usually enjoy deserts better when I don’t know what’s in it… it’s kind of hard to bring myself to eat one more slice when I put 500 grams of fat and 4 cups of sugar in something. But I just had to ask for the recipe, for this, “oohh-so-very-light-and-fruity” cake… I have to say, I look down on stuff that comes in the form of “processed food”… but serve this one to any chef and they cannot tell that the dough is store bought…

I don’t know how easy it will be to make this for my readers who live outside of US, but you will figure it out.. just use your imagination and aim for “store-bought”…

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough (sugar cookie flavor)
Cool Whip 12 oz
4 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese (use half of 8 oz package)
Ultimate topping: Fresh fruit

-Leave cream cheese at room temperature. This is one of the important steps, but hey if you don’t mind people tasting small parts of cream cheese in whipped topping, don’t even wait for that…
-Take the dough out of packet. Put it inside a glass or aluminum baking dish. Push dough and pat with your palm. Following package directions bake the dough for 12 minutes. Don’t overbake (I already did this once, and the dough becomes a cookie)… You want a chewy dough so it’s more like a cake, not tea cookies. If you can’t find “refrigerated cookie dough” bake your favorite cookie dough about 12-15 minutes (for friends in Turkey, something like “sable biskuvi” or “un kurabiyesi” would work) Take it out of the oven just before it turns golden brown
-Whip the cream cheese until it reaches smooth consistency. Mix in the whipped cream slowly… If using a mixer or Kitchenaid, 2 minutes at medium speed is great.. Don’t overmix, your whipped cream will fall.
-Spread the mixture over baked dough after it cools down. Decorate with fruits and put it in refrigerator for 1 hour before serving.

Thank you Cindy for giving me the most impressive, crowd pleaser easy cake that I have tasted so far… This whole thing takes about 15 minutes to make. I have to admit, there have been times that I spent 4-5 hours on a cake and it still didn’t please my guests as much as this one does… Bon Appetit…


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