The weaving nomad…

I proudly present the “Urban Aran Cardigan” that I made for my husband… This project took me about 20 days to complete…

Urban Aran Cardigan by Jared Flood
Original Pattern: Patons Street Smart“Urban Aran Pullover”
“modifications used are on Jared Floods website”
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Chunky
Color: Mocha Heather, 18 skeins
Needles: 10.5 US for body, 10 US for ribbing, 9US for collar
Size:Large (female large in pattern, 2″ longer arms and 1.5″ longer body)


This is the 1st time I put in a zipper for a knit project… It was easier than I thought, but I am glad that I made the research on the Internet beforehand.

I was also a bit nervous for the collar. Even Jared had problems with the color, so I knew I had to start decreasing stitches for the collar somewhere that made sense… I didn’t even really like the way the collar looks on the pattern itself… So I really tried come up with how Jared made his from the pictures and I think I was able to knit a good representation.

I am very happy that my husband actually wears this. He is not a big fan of wool, most of them scratch him… This yarn is soft, and doesn’t rub him the wrong way I guess…

Last but not the least, here’s the afghan I made him as well… It’s about 5.5 foot in length and 4 foot wide… This is a crochet pattern from an old book that I checked out at the local library.
I am really in a knitting frenzy these days. It might be due to a few things… Here are my theories:

i) the knitting season is approaching it’s end for me… for the past 15-16 years I really didn’t knit anything during the summer… I might knit a few things during spring, but I am not a summer knitter…
ii) I have been getting lots of compliments on my knitting… so “positive reinforcement”, or Pavlov’s dog syndrome might be the very reason…
iii) the latest incidents have pushed my emotional state to it’s limit… there is really nothing more mind-occupying then following a pattern. This might also explain the projects that I am attempting now. I am knitting a lace shawl for my mother-in-low… and Koolhaas hat for my brother-in-law. The hat might look simple, but there so many mini cable stitches hiding in this pattern that it takes a lot of work to make this hat… I also have 2 cardigans in queue for the kids, and I need to turn a sweater that I made for my brother in law 6 years ago into a cardigan… So much to knit, so little time… and when I am occupied I don’t think about other stuff…
iv) it might all be written in my genes… My father says my grandma’s side was “yoruk”. Actually after he has seen some of my knitted work, he said I was very much like his mother. She would see a sweater on someone and could come up with the pattern. I am not that good, but I think I am close. I mostly knit without patterns if I cannot find one. Yoruk women are known for their yogurt making abilities 🙂 and their weaving techniques… the most beautiful kilims that are in my parents’ house came from yoruk families that still live in Toros mountains… Unfortunately, with modernization, most of them have been forced to settle and stop traveling… a few families still keep insisting on living the way they lived for centuries though.

Coming back to my yoruk roots… here’s a link that explains who they are. I would like to direct your attention to where it says “….A people passionately devoted to their freedom, the Yörük are like birds of passage. Until the early 19th century thousands of Yörük nomads lived in the Ottoman territories of the Balkans and throughout western, southern and southeastern Anatolia. They spent the summer on the high pastures, autumn at lower altitudes, and the winter months in sheltered encampments with their flocks and herds.”
That part of my being also came out under pressure I think. We are leaving to go back to Turkey by the middle of March. We are planning to go to my husband’s hometown for a few months, then to my hometown for a few months, then maybe to Antalya for a few months… We are planning to come back to the US in November… I just think that we will be happy like that. Both my husband and I love living here and there… we kind of find something that we like about everywhere we go… his grandpa also had “yoruk” ancestors… I guess we are a good match in that sense. I think I am worse than he is though, I really cannot stand to stay or live in the same place for too long.

Life goes on in our house, with lots of… maybe too much knitting…

Until next time,

Hugs… g.


6 responses to “The weaving nomad…

  1. WOW,
    I really like the “Urban Aran Cardigan”, you have to set-up shop and sell these online!

  2. inanilmaz bi hatunsun sen – agzim acik kaldi valla kazaga bakarken.

  3. sana da yaparim guzelim ;-).. thank you for the compliment…

  4. Manken guzel tabi, ne giyse yakisiyor 🙂

  5. Abi, iyi poz vermissin. Land’s End tadinda…

  6. So cool! I wish I could create things like that. I really love it.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts on both my posts. Much appreciated. 🙂

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