Dali and socks…


Here are the socks I made for my best friend… She has always been the one behind me, supporting me, kind of like “the wind under my wings” since we met when we were 11…

Red lips and exposed breasts in the background. Freud would love this picture...

Red lips and exposed breasts in the background. Freud would love this picture...

My Mom asked my friend to take me to the Dali exhibit when I visited her back in November. We visited the Picasso Exhibit in the same museum with my Mom a few years back and had a great time. I guess she knew how much I wanted to go. So after she passed away my friend told me my mother’s wish and on my 2nd day in Istanbul, while I had so much stuff to take care of instead we went to the Sabanci Museum to see the Dali Exhibit. It was a rainy day… a very very rainy day… we first ate at the museum restaurant Muzechanga-which is a bit pricey but nevertheless has impressive food- and we only had 2 hours to see the exhibit before closing. They brought so many pieces and we kind of walked through everything really fast. In the bottom floor, there were illustrations of some of his later work, and the red “lipstick sofa” was the perfect spot for a photo opportunity. It was taken using a cell phone by a security guard and no flash… this photo reminds me so much about my love for my friend, my love for my mother, my feelings of her loss and pushing to move forward in life… I guess this kind of explains “the wing beneath my wings”… sometimes we just need a good friend to pick us up, and take us through life… I am so lucky to have her…

So fittingly… The first ever socks I made goes to her… I started them on the plane. -who needs “personal video device” when you have sock knitting project with you?-. I am not sure if she can wear them since I never made one for myself, but I still wanted her to have them. They came out pretty good I think. The yarn is Koigu Premium Merino #821. I used 1.5 skeins. It was very easy to knit with and it’s a very high quality yarn. You can find the pattern for free here.

Dali would have liked the color of the socks I think…


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