back up has arrived…

Grandma is here… E’s Mom arrived yesterday and the kids are just happy, happy, happy… There is one more person that is happier.. and that would be me… After I had my kids, it made more sense why for generations families lived in the same house with their elderly… Grandparents are just so wonderful and crucial to help raise the kids. They are just built-in support systems…

Here’s a wonderful nanny ad that would describe the work of a dedicated grandparent:

“Educated, young family looking for a nanny for 22 month old twins. The right person should be willing to work from 7am-8pm… There is no guarantee that the work at hand will be done by 8pm. There is a possible 2 hour break from 12-2pm where you can go to the bathroom, eat and smoke a cigarette, or have coffee. However during that break you need to clean up the toys and clutter, do the dishes and laundry.
During the day you are required to be on foot at most times… you have to serve and plan 3 meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and your customers will be picky and whiny…You also need to change diapers at least 12 times a day… the right person needs to be creative in play, has to know children’s songs and be willing to sing the same song more than 5 times… last but not the least, there is no monetary payment. Your payments will be paid in terms of slobber, dirt and food on your clothes.. once in a while hugs and kisses will be given at the toddlers’ wish… The family is desperate need of help and looking for the right person”…

So if there are any women/mothers out there reading… become good friends with your mother in law and your mother… you will need help… they are willing to do the job, if you are willing to cooperate… even the best nannies cannot be there for you all the time, and most of the time they are not as willing as the grandparents to do the job… grandparents just jump on all opportunities to interact with a baby, a toddler, a teenager… as long as the child shows them a little bit of attention…

I feel like, this is one of those times that a child needs their parents again… I didn’t feel like I was dependent on my parents since I went to college, until I gave birth… and for weeks… just today, I took a much needed morning nap while grandma played in the background with the kids.. it’s so funny, my kids have not been around their grandparents that much.. but they ask for them each day.. and when they see their grandparents they have hugs, kisses and lots of things to share… they know and feel that they are loved… my kids are good with their babysitters, but they still come to me and ask for my attention when we have sitters. When there are grandparents around though kids could care less if I am giving them any attention or not…

So back up has arrived… we are so happy and we all love E’s Mom. She brings much joy and energy to our house each time she comes to visit us.

For those of you wondering about E’s health… We went to E’s doctor yesterday and his arm is healing well. He is back at his old self… At one point, he was so pale and he had so much bruising on his body that I got very very worried… but this week he is a different man. As his usual self, he rejects all forms of help and tries to do everything with one hand. He has even been playing his video games for the past 2 nights… He also attempted to get into the shower (tub shower that is) by himself and got burnt a bit my me… I don’t need a man with a broken arm and a cracked skull…

As far as knitting and cooking goes… I have 4 knitting projects that I need to post… The more stress I have, the more productive I am in my knitting… I have 2 afghans, a pair of socks and a cardigan that I will be posting. My photographer has a broken arm and cannot take photos with a left hand??? The back up photographer has been helping me as the right arm of the 1st photographer so he couldn’t take pictures either… I am hoping this week, we will get things going on this blog as well…

As for cooking… I have been doing lots of it this week. Makes me feel so normal again… Just need to make time to take photos…

Until next time,



One response to “back up has arrived…

  1. Gina,
    You write so very eloquently. I loved reading your “add” for a Nanny!! Nothing compares to a wonderful gramma and you are such a sweet and appreciative young woman to be able to tap into your heart and acknowledge how valuable these women are in our children’s lives.
    What you wrote has helped me to know even more how very special I am to my little granddaughter.
    ( You should write a column in a magazine!)
    Also, glad to know that your husband is feeling more like his old self. Men heal so quickly.

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