Memphis in the fall…

Tand the kids enjoy nature walk at Overton Park

T and the kids enjoy nature walk at Overton Park

M at Overton Park
M at Overton Park

To live in Memphis during the summer is…. hard… Come October though, the grand oaks start getting ready for the winter… the leaves start taking over the grass in every yard… while driving the leaves fly everywhere… When we first moved here, it was quite a site for someone like me who lived in treeless cities for a long time… Memphis has lots of green, but the green is more beautiful when October comes. The green turn to every shade of yellow… Mustard yellow to fire burgundy, earth orange to coffee brown; the city is covered in beautiful fall color… It’s easy to fall in love with nature, there are many days the sun is out and it’s possible to spend time outdoors just like the spring… Add to that the holiday spirit of the “southern US” and Memphis becomes a wonderful place to live…

If you are in Memphis in the fall I also suggest visiting the Memphis Zoo… I have never been a big fan of the zoos, but that’s a topic that I need to address on another post. Until I read the book “Life of Pi”, I always thought the animals who lived in zoos were confined, unhappy and bored in captivity. The book really changed my point of view about zoos, but still it’s hard for me to enjoy the grandness of the wild animals when they only have 500 sqft space to live in… Still it was a great day, and the animals seemed very happy and calm…We met with close friends Fatih, Rhea Lynn and their son Aidan there. We usually go to the zoo during the weekend. It was very different on a Tuesday morning, no crowds, no lines, no screams. Just a calm, peaceful zoo… For the first time the animals paid us some attention. On the weekends they usually stand back from crowds and some of them don’t even come out… They were really interested in our toddlers… well we had 3 very cute babies with us in winter outfits… so maybe they were interested in that…

Until next time, hugs, g.

Perfect day at the Memphis Zoo

Perfect day at the Memphis Zoo

Zoo Patrons

Zoo Patrons


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