Move blog…piece of cake…

So the Turkish government banned access to blogger… and reopened access to wordpress I read… Friends from Turkey, please let me know if you can read my blog on here… I will be posting under this address for a while…

I have to say the process was so very easy… if you have a blog under blogger and want to carry it to wordpress, everything is imported in a matter of minutes. Sign up for wordpress took 5 minutes with 2 email authorizations… then under posts, there is an icon on the top that says “import”… You click on blogger, or whatever other source your blog is on, and then click on authorize. I signed up for wordpress with my gmail account, so they might have already had my username and didn’t ask for it… but anyway, after 30 seconds all my posts were on here, with pictures, comments and everything…
I hope friends in Turkey will be able to read… Please leave a comment if you can, so I can post about Turkey day aka Thanksgiving and other developments!!!


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