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Become a DONOR! Give LIFE!!!

I haven’t been blogging -babbling- for a few weeks, or months now. I guess this is what’s called a writer’s block… or, similar I guess (since I am not a writer). We have had a few busy weeks with M & A turning 1 year old, with family visiting and with Memphis in May festival. Our last guest was my Dad and after he left on Thursday we are slowly settling into our old routine… Routine being: lazy weekends on the sofa with a laptop, or with knitting needles, or in the kitchen. Hopefully, I will put on my “domestic diva” hat again soon. In the meantime, since the kitchen is a mess, and my last knitting project still needs to be sewn together (eerrr, has been waiting to be put together for 2 months) I have been productive in a different but better way, I think.

I always wanted to become a bone marrow donor. Of course, you need to register first and they need to find a match and then you can become a donor. 3 years ago, when I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon, they had a marrow drive during registry. However, I missed the drive with a few minutes. I thought it was still done with drawing blood. That day they showed a clip of the drive on the news and I was amazed how simpler it was. No needles, no long lines, just an envelope and a swab… Donors were swiping their inner cheeks with a long cotton swab and putting them in enveloped. This allowed for more smiles and a cheerful event 🙂 Seeing how simple it was to register, I knew I would do it some day. But with twin pregnancy, running a business and working hard not to lose my domestic diva tiera I haven’t had a chance to register. Ok, I will be honest. I am a very proactive person, I do things! I get things done. I wasn’t proactive enough.
So here we go. I registered online in honor of Mother’s Day. I registered online, it took 5 minutes. My husband and brother in law also registered. (since I knew the drill, I typed in the info online). We received our packets in the mail yesterday. And here are the pictures from this morning-you can see my eyes and face is still puffy to prove it was too early to pose for pictures-
It took 2-3 minutes, with Mr. E taking pictures. Once it was done, we put it in the addressed, no postage necessary envelope and it’s waiting to be picked up by the mailman. Of course, I prayed for good vibes on the envelope that hopefully all of us could match the patients waiting for a transplant.

I guess most people reading this blog know about marrow registry already. Most of us are considering to register, but I guess need a gentle, or firm “push” to go do it. Unfortunately, before a family, or a friend or our loved-one gets sick we are too busy in our day-to-day routine.

I am not going to go into detail here how strongly -strong negative that is- I feel about the misinformation out there about marrow donation. The process is very easy, especially with today’s technology it’s a simple operation on a healthy individual… However, for people who know me, when I feel strongly about something, I tend to believe that everyone needs to agree with me. So the rest of this blog is in an effort for you to believe in what I believe in 🙂 read on!!!

The only reason people tell me why they don’t register is they are afraid of things they heard. I am sure most are afraid of pain -who isn’t? but physical pain is mostly overrated, more on that in another blog- Even if marrow donation were to hurt, and leave you in pain for a few days(it won’t, but ask 4 colleagues at work and everyone is an expert on marrow operations with hammers and all) It’s the anticipation and fear that chickens us out most of the time.

We all go through operations when our health is on the line. I personally had 4-5 not so painless operations myself although if given the choice I wouldn’t do it voluntarily . I think if I were to match a patient tomorrow I would do it in a heartbeat to give life. Maybe you are not feeling this way, but think about it for a while after reading this. Think about how you would feel, and if it’s worth to overcome your fears. -I guess all donors will say donating was worth a lot more than they thought it was.- For those who know me, you know I am not going to say “register at your own risk, marrow donation is not for everyone”… Well, NO of course I won’t say that… Don’t be a chicken, you can donate. I will say register with a “willing heart” though. It is heartbreaking, and painfully crushing to match somebody and then the match having cold feet. My call is especially to Moms out there. The name and theme of this blog is “mommiez”, so you are my target group!! If you can give birth -and you already did- you can donate if you were to match. Just think about how many chemos and surgeries other Moms’ kids are going through and for a second put yourself in their shoes. How many limbs of your own body would you give just for “hope” of recovery if it was your own child? Of course, the same is true for Dads, Aunts, Uncles, sisters, brothers. We all have a loved one that we would want to do so much more if we could. And I will leave the guilt trip right there. You are all adults and I hope you won’t make me pull the guilt card on you again 🙂 OK, I will move on more proactively to provide you with info…

My gentle push came from this video.

Gina unfortunately lost her son Evan to ALD – a genetic metabolic disease-, but she is standing strong for his legacy. Don’t forget, bone marrow transplants are used for the treatment of many diseases not limited to cancer. The video is created by people who love Evan. Their goal is to overcome the myths surrounding marrow donation and to recruit donors. Evan’s story and his legacy can be followed on .

Friends in TURKEY can also register following the info on Unfortunately the process is not as easy in Turkey. And the marrow registry is not doing well there. They need donors desperately!!! I will look more into the details of registry over there and possibly post something in Turkish with the info soon.

Sorry for the countless grammar and spelling errors. I really have to run and put M&A to their crib for the afternoon nap. If I do a spell check this post will never get posted.

Before you leave, please send positive vibes for my cheek swabs that they will find a match !!

Take care…Talk to you soon.