Hot off the needles!!

I actually finished this short-sleeved summer tweed shirt for my daughter last week. However, by the time I steamed it, washed it and put it on her a few days passed by. Also when it was time for a photo shoot, we had a teeny bit of a problem. Her head would not go through. As I was desperately trying to stretch it with my hands, there was a screaming baby who was very unhappy. Here’s a picture of the culprit!Innocent-looking baby shirt… it is guaranteed to make even the calmest baby scream when tried on

I knew what I had to do, however, since I steamed, seamed and washed the shirt, I dragged my feet to change it. I even desperately thought, I can try it again on her, but then came to my senses. I went to Yarniverse, to get ideas from the ladies. One mentioned that the bound off edge was too tight, and I had to do it with larger needle. (i already did that btw). The other mentioned that I needed to add buttons. For some reason, it’s always really easy to put baby shirts with shoulder buttons. Even with their onesies. I liked the idea, however, never had to knit anything with a shoulder button… It was kind of painful to find the ends of the yarn. I hid them pretty well, I guess. And summer tweed doesn’t frog very easily. It loses it’s shape and form immediately. Then half-way, I thought, how the ribbon would work with the buttons. After all, each time I had to put it on, I would have to take the ribbon off… I like functional and practical clothes for myself and my babies. With twin infants re-threading a ribbon each time is out of the question… So here’s the end result… and my husband and I decided that different color buttons are also cute! (should I also add, I didn’t have matching pairs)

My daughter wore it for one of our employee’s birtday party. And we got great compliments!!


One response to “Hot off the needles!!

  1. think the odd buttons look so cute and the ribbon on the side is even cuter! love it!

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