Domestic Diva

I had several projects that I wanted to post about. I need to hire a blogger to keep up with my blog ?!?! One more thing on my to-do list, but I have a good feeling about this. That it has the potential to make me feel better, even though noone might read it.

OK, here we go…..

First the viking hat that I knitted for my son. I finished it last week!! I need to post pictures with him wearing it, but this will be good for now!
Viking hat. Pattern from

That same weekend we had friends come over. I think I won’t post the names of our friends for privacy issues. I might come up with names for them 🙂 We were in the kitchen for hours…

Here’s the Zucchini Pie that I made. This is a winner recipe from Pillsbury bake-off. And even non-zucchini folks will eat it. The zucchini lovers like myself, will love it! This is a great recipe! I use a whole wheat store-bought pie shell and it always turns out great!

go to for recipe

Now onto this week’s projects. I started knitting cottons, since it is March and summer comes here early. However, it snowed 6″ on Friday. It melted the next day. I think we broke a record with this much snow, in March. The last time it snowed this much in March was in 1892 I think. I am not sure on this fact thought, if I am wrong blame it on the newspaper… It rarely snows here. For the past 8 years, I only saw snow 3 times and that includes this one. (For the friends who read my blog in Turkey: snow here means, snow in Adana)

Jacket for my son!! The original pattern is from Debbie Bliss Baby Knits book. Of course, since I never follow a pattern to the T, it took me a lot longer than it should have. I changed the yarn. I used yarn on hand. I used 2 colors. I had to do calculations for gauging. Then I didn’t have enough yarn for long sleeved jacket, so I knitted a short sleeve version. It’s supposed to be a summer jacket, and kind of a “beach/summer theme”… and I found “fish buttons”… I love it, and it looks great on him!

Finally, this weekend’s most important project… The Cordon Rose Cheesecake with Berry topping. The recipe is from “The Cake Bible”, by Rose Beranbaum. Her PhD thesis was on “the effect of sifting flour on the outcome of yellowcake”. Most “baking forums” view her as the goddess of cakes. Baking is one area where I follow the recipe to the T, the gram, the temperature, and millisecond. You cannot get creative with baking unless you are a chemist, a chef. Or both chemist chef, like Ms Beranbaum. Or you have experienced with a recipe like 500 times and you are not afraid to waste all ingredients. The cheesecake came out great. And we had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since I had to bake the day before, 24 hours was too long for me to wait, so we started with breakfast. It’s very creamy (I guess the true New York Cheesecake is supposed to be that way), a little softer compared to Cheesecake Factory cake, but very light, fluffy and tasty. And since I used all organic products, aside from adding to my family’s waistline, it wasn’t that unhealthy. It looks a lot more delicious in real life. That reminds me, I need to take a photo class or nag my husband to do it for me!!!

Talk to you soon…


5 responses to “Domestic Diva

  1. Naber kiz? Eline sağlık nasıl yaptın onları?

    Yoksa o ev ekonomisi dersleri bir ise mi yaradilar?

    Benim bildigim tek avantajlari Bahadir’in gelip bize erkekten arindirilmis ortamda rahatlayan kizlarin bacaklarini ballandıra ballandıra anlatmasiydi.

  2. Ev ekonomisi dersi yararli oldu sanirim 🙂 Derste yemekten cok maskaralik yapardik ama, olsun! Evet, erkeksiz ortamin avantajlari vardi. Super dedikodu yapardik. Ortami kadinlar hamamina cevirdigimiz bir donemde ogretmen konusmayi yasaklamisti. Tadi tuzu kalmamisti…

  3. I LOVE your Jacket with short sleeves…
    Which reminds me that I promised my Daughter that I would make another short sleeve top for Samantha !!!
    The Cheesecake looks Yummy!!!

  4. Gokcecim yaww sen ne hamaratmissin boyle. Cocuklarla ugrasmaktan, bir taraftan da is; nasil vakit buluyorsun orguye, blog yazmaya vs …

  5. tesekkur ederim Anilcim… kucuk sehirde yasayinca, zaman kaliyor sanirim… cocuklar uyurken yapiyorum daha cok 🙂

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